Dermatology is concerned with all the disorders of the outer skin and inner mucous membranes. Venereology is concerned with disorders that can be transmitted through sexual contact.

The skin should be looked at as an organ, with all sorts of functions. The speciality that occupies itself with the diseased skin is defined as follows: Dermatology is an organ speciality that involves the diagnosis, treatment (both medical and surgical) and prevention of diseases of the skin and subcutis, adjacent mucosae, cutaneous appendages as well as skin manifestations of systemic disease. It also encompasses the promotion of good skin health.

Sexually transmissible infections (STI’s) are comprised by the venereological part of the specialty (named Genitourinary Medicine in the UK and Ireland): Venereology includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sexually transmissible infections and other medical conditions of the genital tract. It also concerns the promotion of good sexual health.

Dr Katia Michaelidou M.D.

Dermatologist - Venereologist